Results from the 24th IHP Council meeting

From 28 to 30 June 2021, the 24th IHP Council meeting took place. Over 30 national delegations took part in an online discussion, taking important decisions about the activities that will be carried out as part of the next Intergovernmental Hydrologic Programme (2022-2029). Want to learn more? Keep reading!

After two years of preparation and discussion, the ninth phase of the Intergovernmental Hydrologic Programme or IHP-IX was approved by the council. IHP-IX outlines an international research programme, with a number of key priority areas for research and collaboration. IHP member states will work together to conduct new research on agreed-upon topics such as the data-knowledge gap, nature-based solutions and inclusive water management. As IHP-IX has an eight-year time horizon, it sets out strategic directions for a substantial period of time. The plan, entitled ‘Science for a Water Secure World in a Changing Environment’ can be found here. The Netherlands will participate in a Working Group, tasked with operationalising the strategy.

A second key result was the broad support for the Global Network of Water Museums, or WAMUNET (link). With eleven Dutch water museums being member of the network, this is an IHP initiative with a strong Dutch connection. The Netherlands brought forward a resolution to ask IHP council members to support WAMUNET in their ambition to grow in number and to develop new activities. Many IHP council members expressed their willigness to do so. It is important to highlight the relevance of our global water heritage as a source of inspiration to address future water challenges. WAMUNET is currently hosted by the Water Museum of Venice, and presided by IHE Delft.

The Netherlands was represented during the 24th IHP Council by a small delegation, consisting of Monique Berendsen (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and co-chair), Remko Uijlenhoet (TU Delft and co-chair), Stein van Oosteren (PR UNESCO) en Martijn van Staveren (coordinator). In case you would like to know more, get in touch via