IHP and UNESCO related publications (click on picture to download the publication)
water-megacities-and-global-change Water, Megacities & Global Change: Portraits of 15 Emblematic Cities of the World. (UNESCO) This book marks an important phase in the creation of an alliance of megacities focused on water-related issues in the face of climate change. UNESCO is strongly implicated in this process through its International Hydrological Programme (IHP).
water-people-and-cooperation-50-years-of-water_cover Water, People and Cooperation: 50 Years of Water Programmes for Sustainable Development at UNESCO (UNESCO) More information can be found at http://en.unesco.org/50-years-unesco-water-programmes/publication
graphic-sids GRAPHIC Groundwater and Climate Change, Small Island Developing States (SIDS) More information can be found at http://groundwaterportal.org/sites/default/files/GRAPHIC%20SIDS.pdf
Water for a sustainable world World Water Development Report 2015: Water for a Sustainable World (WWAP/ UNESCO) More Reports can be downloaded from http://www.unwater.org/publications/world-water-development-report/en/
water education and capacity building Proceedings on Water Education and Capacity Building Key for Water Security and Sustainable Development (2015) 7th World Water Forum, (UNESCO-IHP/UNWDPC)
 Science diplomacy and transboundary water management Science diplomacy and transboundary water management The Orontes River case (2015) R. Ballabio, F.G. Comair, M. Scalet, M. Scoullos (Editors)
 hydrology science and water security Hydrological Science and Water Security: Past, Present and Future (2015), outcomes 11th Kovacs Colloquium (UNESCO-IHP/IAHS)
 Groundwater - the hidden resource Groundwater, the hidden resource (2015) IGRAC


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