Youth4Water Datathon

Join the Youth 4 Water Datathon on Citizen Science & Open Data for Water SDG monitoring:

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And get the possibility to implement your water-related monitoring ideas!


In 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals have been set, and governments all over the world have committed themselves to achieve these 17 goals. SDG6 and many other targets, relate to water issues. Recent studies from the World Water Development Report have pointed out that:

“Effective water resources management needs more and better data.”

“increased utilization of the latest Earth observa¬tions, citizen science and private sector data should be incorporated into data-monitoring systems at all levels to complement existing data-collection efforts.”

During this Datathon we kick-start the discussion and actions related to the use of open data sources and citizen science methods to monitor the water related SDGs. What needs to be monitored to reach the water SDGs and solve the problems in your neighbourhood, town or community?


We invite students & young professionals from all around the globe, living in the Netherlands, between 18 and 30 years old to join!

You can join as a group, but you can also register on your own and form a group at the beginning of the day. We encourage you to create multi-disciplinary groups.


Join the Youth4Water Datathon on the 24th of November, at Lijm & Cultuur in Delft. Don’t forget to register!

Present the monitoring method that you have developed with your group to a jury at the end of the day. Does the jury believe you have a feasible and useful idea? Then the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management would like to enable you in 2019 to start implementing your idea.


The Datathon will be held at Lijm & Cultuur, in Chemie, which is an old industry building that will serve well to inspire us all. Find specifications for the address here.


  • More information about what will happen during the day
  • We will soon introduce to you the experts that will join during the Datathon to be your guides during the day
  • The jury is currently being formed

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