New governmental chair – Jan Busstra

We are happy to introduce to you the new governmental co-chair of the Netherlands IHP-HWRP Committee; Jan Busstra. He will represent the policy fields in the committee, while the current scientific co-chair – Prof. Pieter van der Zaag – will continue representing the research fields. We believe that such a co-chair construction will enable them to create linkages between science, policy and practice, to connect the various parties in the Committee, and have a higher national and international leverage.

Jan is the head of the International Water and Marine Division of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, he is working in watermanagement for the past 8 years. In these years he was initially engaged in national and european policies related to water quality and water quantity. He is currently also acting as Marine Director to the European Union. Furthermore, he is within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment responsible for the activities related to the international water ambition also including implementation of the waterrelated SDG’s and bilateral cooperation with the so-called Delta-countries.

We hereby welcome him as co-chair and member of the Committee.