Proud to support the WAMU-Net initiative

The Netherlands IHP-HWRP Committee is proud to tell that the 2nd International Workshop of the Global Network of Water Museums will be held from 14 – 18 of May in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. As committee, we are pleased that the future Museum Kruithuis in ‘s Hertogenbosch has taken the opportunity to connect to the WAMU-Net (Water Museums Network) initiative, and will welcome other museums around the world to the Netherlands to discuss future cooperation.

Water Museums bring together everything UNESCO stands for: Culture, Education and (Water) Science. It is for that reason that the Netherlands IHP-HWRP Committee supports the initiative and we will most likely hold our next Committee meeting during this workshop.

Meeting with Kring Vrienden and the Italian IHP Committee @ Den Bosch, 11 November 2017

Want to read more about the WAMU-Net? Just read the front cover story of SIWI Stockholm Water Front No4 2017.