Since 1964, an active Netherlands National IHP-HWRP Committee has aimed to contribute to both UNESCO (IHP) as well as WMO´s (HWRP) international water programmes. The Committee does this on the basis of collected input from its members, which are leading Dutch scientists, policy-makers and practitioners and thereby connects academic, governmental, operational, and research institutes focused on water.

Currently the two co-chairs of the Committee are prof.dr.ir Remko Uijlenhoet (TU Delft) and Monique Berendsen (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management). The Committee is supported by a coordinator, Martijn van Staveren (IHE Delft). The coordinator supports the co-chairs to represent the Committee in (inter)national IHP and HWRP related meetings, organizes events and in general supports the Committee members by acting as:

  • Broker – actively identifies and matches opportunities for cooperation between Committee members, UNESCO and WMO water programmes, and other IHP-HWRP National Committees.
  • Communicator – filters relevant information, including progress and news for Committee members and keeps the Committee members up to date about activities and developments in the IHP and HWRP programmes via an e-newsletter, website and other channels.
  • Promotor – promotes Dutch water knowledge and expertise at the international IHP and HWRP programmes and platforms
  • Help desk – reacts on questions from Committee members about IHP and HWRP programmes
  • Organiser – organises twice a year the IHP-HWRP National Committee meeting and once a year the thematic event

Please find here a flyer elaborating on the aims, objectives, and working groups of the committee, or click below to read the flyer online.